About Us

Jupiter Management, LLC is prepared to serve communities by monitoring contractor performance, landscape maintenance and upgrades, as well as working with the Board of Directors and Community Committees on special projects, homeowner actions, association events and, most specifically, upholding adherence to the documents and association’s rules and regulations. Jupiter Management is able to provide project costing estimates, contractor bidding, detailed record keeping, vender files, and, most importantly, provide open communication of essential factors thereby keeping the Board of Directors in the association’s favor.

Our office personnel are client-friendly and responsive to homeowner needs. With communication being one of the most sought after qualities from a property management company, Jupiter Management’s response time and helpfulness will present a favorable selection by your board for the management of your community.

It is Jupiter Management’s policy that telephone calls, e-mails, owner inquiries and questions posed to the office of Jupiter Management are to be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. Managers are to be helpful and non-confrontational at all times. The Board of Directors will be apprised of all events within the association through the presentation of monthly manager’s reports. Manager reports shall include information advising the board on association issues such as grounds, buildings, financial matters and other pertinent association developments.

Our accounting services are kept to a user friendly level without impairing accuracy and detail. Staff at Jupiter Management is cross-trained in many property management functions, with accounting being one of those functions. Financial questions are able to be answered quickly by the bookkeeping staff as well as the Property Manager. Each computer workstation is allocated access to portions of the association’s electronic records thereby facilitating responsiveness.

We use a new client’s existing venders if desired; however, we have many qualified and experienced venders at our disposal if and when the community wishes for a change, or the opportunity to bid out services to order to ensure the community is receiving the most effective service for their money. Over the years, Jupiter Management has developed relationships with venders ultimately benefiting our client communities: professionals in roofing, roof cleaning, cement work, pressure washing, asphalt surfacing and tree trimming; electricians, entry gate contractors, security contractors, plumbers, painters, general repairs, pool equipment and maintenance contractors; and accountants, tax preparers and attorneys. Many of these providers can also be utilized to assist individual homeowners when the need arises. Jupiter Management’s Service Department is also available for special projects and other community services. Not only does this frequently prove to be economical for the association but it also tends to expedite projects internally.

Jupiter Management’s operations and business offices are located within the Jupiter Cove Executive Office Center. This location allows the company’s staff quick access to all our communities. In most cases we are within 10 to 15 minutes travel time to our properties. We also have a third party emergency access line for our customers enabling them to reach a Property Manager 24/7 in the unfortunate event an emergency occurs.