Client Focus

The company utilizes its staff of property managers, maintenance supervisor, maintenance staff and office support to provide our customers with the best service possible. Having grown and continuing to grow in the property management industry, Jupiter Management strives to provide personalized services to all its customers.

  • Jupiter Management serves its clients by monitoring contractor performance, landscape maintenance and upgrades, as well as working with the Board of Directors and community committees on special projects, homeowner actions, Association events and, most specifically, upholding the documents and Association’s rules and regulations.
  • Jupiter Management is able to provide project costing estimates, contractor bidding specifications, detailed record keeping, vender files and, most importantly, maintain open communications of essential factors, keeping the Board of Directors in the Association’s favor.
  • It is Jupiter Management’s policy that telephone calls, e-mails, owner inquiries and questions posed to our office are to be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. Managers are to be helpful and non-confrontational at all times. The Board of Directors will be apprised of all events within the association through the presentation of monthly manager’s reports. Manager reports shall include information advising the Board on association issues such as grounds, buildings, financial matters and other pertinent Association developments.

We use a new client’s existing venders, and also have many qualified and experienced venders at our disposal when and if a change or a new opportunity arises to ensure the community is receiving the most effective service for their money.